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Salvation means we are not limited by fear, shame or failure. Jesus has made the way for us to live a life full of power and purpose.


We let go of anything that holds us back from the goal of being like Jesus, and take hold of the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us into the person we were meant to be.


This is too good to keep to ourselves! In our actions, words and lifestyle we live to glorify God so others around the globe can discover this life of freedom too.

Our Mission

Is to love God, love people, and make disciples.

Our Vision

Is to become “a healthy Biblical community, a holy people, multiplying disciples, leaders,groups and congregations”.

Our Calling 

A – to reopen Wesleyan wells and rediscover living holiness

B – to reform the church; to spread scriptural holiness over the church

C – to revive, enforce and defend the pure apostolic doctrines and practices of the early church

How we do this

Planting churches that are centered around the teaching of the Bible; we affiliate with existing congregations who share our vision, values and calling;  we serve the whole church, whatever denomination or stream.

We Are 

Students of the Bible 

The Word of God is the basis of our faith. Every church teaches from the Bible and every member is encouraged to live according to it, through faith and grace.

Devoted to Christ 

We believe it starts with new birth through Jesus, and continues as a commitment to walk in relationship with Him for the rest of our lives.

Living Holy Lives 

Every decision we make should be surrendered to God. We believe the presence of the Holy Spirit empowers us to do that, to give us disciplined and fruitful lives.


When we gather and when we are apart, we are enthusiastic in our praise to the One who made us and saved us. Through many different styles, we elevate Him above everything else in our lives.


Wherever we are, our purpose is that we reflect Jesus. In our attitude, actions and words we want people to be inspired to know Him more.


Whatever we have been blessed with, we want to spread that blessing to others, locally and around the world. We commit our time, finance and skills in order to see the family of God grow.


We believe the good news of Jesus is for anyone, anywhere. There are no social or cultural barriers that will prevent us from reaching out and welcoming people into our movement.


The Free Methodist Church reaches into countries all around the world and provides opportunities for people to connect and serve one another across the globe.

On a Mission 

We have given our lives up to this cause of serving God and reaching as many people as we can with the good news. There is nothing more important to us than this.

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