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Our Heritage

Free Methodist history dates back over 150 years. The Free Methodist Church in America was first organised by a group of lay members and ministers at Pekin, New York on 23 August 1860. The name ‘Free’ was chosen because the newly established Methodist Church wanted freedom for all. This included freedom for slaves, freedom from secret societies and freedom from materialism in order to help the poor. The group always wanted free seats in church and a style of service which allowed freedom for the Holy Spirit to minister. The name ‘Methodist’ was retained because the founders wanted to promote Wesleyan theology. This keeps the Bible as the centre of everything we believe and opens door for all people everywhere to hear the good news of Jesus.

Our Articles of Religion are based on the 39 Articles of the Anglican Church. These were originally drawn up by John Wesley for the Methodist Church overseas. The Free Methodist Church emphasises scriptural holiness, practical godliness, social concern, Christian education, evangelism and foreign missions.

Free Methodists are a family

As part of the world wide movement of the Free Methodist Church, we have interests throughout the world. We minister into more than 80 countries and have over 2, 000,000 church members.

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