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Kingdom Ministries

About Kingdom Ministries

Is the Holy Spirit leading you to plant a church? If you are looking for a movement that will support you as you take your next step of obedient faith you are in the right place!

Kingdom Ministries exists to encourage, empower and equip church planting. As the Free Methodist Church UK & Ireland we believe God has called us to a season of seeing new churches planted and flourishing. Specifically, we believe God is calling us to grow exponentially to 100 churches and more by 2034.

Kingdom Ministries has been set up in order for us to see our God given vision realised and we would love you to be a part of it.

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Gateway Church, Kendal
Heart Church, Morecambe
Revive Church, Oldham
Kingdom Company, Manchester
Transformation Ireland, Newry & Drewtown House
Project Scotland, Glasgow
Freedom Church, Micro Churches
New Harvest Community Church, Nottingham
Valley Church, North Preston
Table & Temple
The Swallows Nest
The Gathering
Breakout Ministries
Why Free Methodist?

Church planting has always been a key part of our heart and our heritage. In 2019, God spoke to the leaders in the Free Methodist Church in the UK and Ireland calling us to expand to 100 churches and more by 2034. This vision has since shaped what we invest in and resource and how we are structured. We believe this is a God given vision and are excited to partner with Him in the fulfilment of His purposes.

Our core beliefs and practices date back to the New Testament Church. We want Free Methodists to teach what the apostles taught, to live as passionately as they lived in their generation and to serve the great mission of the kingdom of God. We are Wesleyan Arminian in theology, Holy Spirit led and missional in word and deed. This is also expressed through our three freedoms, Set Free, Living Free and Bringing Freedom.

You can find out more about who we are and what we believe here: FM Handbook

We value working together and being part of the worldwide Free Methodist Church which has over one million members. As in the New Testament, the wider church is able to stand together in prayer and help to resource one another and meet one another’s needs. We are able to both give and receive support.

We are committed to placing mission ahead of method. This means that all our structures must serve our mission. When a church understands its mission, making decisions about structure and function becomes clearer.

As we look to see the fulfilment of the vision for 100 churches and more by 2034 we are committed to financially resourcing church plants. In support of this we have established Kingdom Builders as a charity solely focused on raising and multiplying finance that can be used to support church plants.

Investing in leaders and church planting teams is an absolute priority. The Free Methodist Church forms part of the UK team for M4 Europe. Through M4 we are able to provide access to proven training and match each church planter with their own personal coach.

Church planting has been part of our DNA since the start of the Free Methodist Church in the UK meaning that we have a wealth of experience to draw on. Our current National Leader, John Townley, has been directly involved in the launch of six successful church plants and played a key role in supporting many others.

With an ever growing number of church plants we are able to provide a community for mutual encouragement, prayer, the sharing of ideas and support. We host monthly gatherings online for church planters that so often prove invaluable for those on the church planting journey.

Next Steps in your church planting journey

We would love to connect with you and hear more about how the Holy Spirit is leading you. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

How can you support church planting?

Kingdom Builders has been established to provide a way for you to invest in our church planting vision. Through the work of Kingdom Builders we endeavour to multiply your investment to ensure your gift is able to have the greatest impact and we are able to financially support church plants not only now but in the future.

Visit the Kingdom Builders to support our church planting vision.

Each one of our church plants are reliant on the generosity of people like you.
You can find out more about and invest in one of our existing church plants by giving directly to them following the links on the information above.

If you would like to join one of the church plants listed please contact them directly and if you would like to enquire about potential future church plants that you can be a part of please contact us using the form above.

We know that apart from God we can do no good thing. We are totally reliant on Him and so the greatest thing that you can do is pray! To find out more about how you can pray please contact one of the church plants directly or complete the form above.

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