Church Planting Progress - Falmouth and Pool (Cornwall)

 The ‘Light and Life’ Family is Growing

 Church Planting Update:

We thank God for the prayers of people throughout the Free Methodist Church regarding the Sunday launches in Pool and Falmouth. Those prayers were answered as on Sunday 20th January 2013 Light and Life Falmouth and Light and Life Pool both held their first Sunday services, Falmouth at 10.30am and Pool at 4pm. It was wonderful to have more than 75 people worshipping in a rented church hall in Falmouth. Chris Banwell and Danutia Hillier led the service and John Townley gave a potted history of Light and Life to set the context for this new church and emphasising that God initiated and is writing the Light and Life story. The service was relaxed but well organized. The Falmouth church is blessed with a good number of university students some of whom are gifted musically and led a great time of worship. Chris preached about his best friend, Jesus, asking ‘do you know Him?’ The children were offered a whole range of activities and refreshments were shared afterwards. Falmouth L & L have already begun to serve the local community. They held a ‘Family Time’ afternoon last Saturday when 40 local people came to the hall for children’s activities.

Over the last few weeks, the core group in Pool has worked hard to transform the large upstairs room behind the old chapel into a bright and welcoming space. 47 people came to this first service including 12 children, giving a lovely family feel. The children had their own programme downstairs during the second half of the service. Worship was led by a young man called Tommy. Ian Langridge, who is part of the Prayer and Planning Team, shared his personal story, encouraging us all to recognize we are called by Jesus. Kayode preached about having a ministry of reconciliation; firstly being reconciled to God ourselves and then to encourage others in finding a relationship with God. Everyone stayed for a shared tea and fellowship afterwards. Pool L & L have a desire to reach out to the community but are keen to build the church family relationships first.

Alongside the launch of Falmouth and Pool, we thank God for Truro’s courage in releasing a significant number of people as the core members of these two plants. Truro also had a great service on Sunday morning with 73 people attending and they really felt God affirming their steps of faith. They had met together on Saturday for a time of praise and prayer and a lady was healed instantly from whooping cough - which of course was a great source of joy and encouragement.

 John Townley, Lead Pastor for Light and Life