I am delighted to announce the new edition of The Bible Course is now available through Bible Society.

It has been a labour of love since it was first conceived in 2010 down in Cornwall! I remain so grateful for the support FMCUK gave in those early years. 

The new edition is high quality, engaging and concise and is being used in a whole range of contexts - a mission resource to engage those brand new to the Bible, a small group resource for Christians and a resource for training leaders & interns.

Do check out the website:

And watch session 1 video on Vimeo

After taking a look, it would be great if you could consider: When could we run the course in our context? Who else could we share this with in our region and relational networks? Feel free to pass on the web-link and attached flyer to others.  Please do help share The Bible Course so that God’s Word can transform many more lives in Jesus’ name!

Andrew Ollerton


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Worship Album released by Mount Zion Free Methodist Church, Lisburn

Mark Ferguson, worship director at Mount Zion Free Methodist Church, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has just released his third album of worship music, his first since worshipping at Mount Zion Free Methodist Church.  

His worship is inspired by his deep sense of God’s Presence through the experience of having a disabled daughter, who still remains without a diagnosis and possible treatment.

The song; My Child,  is specially dedicated to Ann-Lily. There are songs about healing and trusting God / praising God in difficult times. 

Available to buy from Christian bookshops and the usual online retailers.

Mark's first 2 albums are also still available to buy!



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