Pastor Michael Bretton

(Senior Pastor, Light and Life Helston, Cornwall)

Having had the immense privilege of being raised in a home and attend a Sunday school where genuine trust in Jesus was nurtured and encouraged, Michael remembers at the age of 10 sharing for the first time in church his desire to know and live for Jesus. He also clearly recalls a powerful moment on a train journey at the age of 15 when he experienced God's call to ‘full-time Christian Service.’

Since this time Michael has continued to live with a passion to make Jesus known. Following a period of working in a finance company where Michael sought to live as a clear witness to Jesus, two years working as a missionary in Japan and then completing his theological degree at Birmingham Bible Institute, Michael went on to serve for 11 years as Pastor at Carnforth Free Methodist Church.

January 2009 marked the beginning of the next season in the lives and ministry of Michael and his wife Lesley, as Michael replaced John Townley as the lead Pastor at Helston Light and Life Church in Cornwall. Believing throughout 2008 that God spoke clearly to them through His Word, Michael and Lesley now anticipate the joy of serving Jesus in the exciting opportunities of living for His glory at Helston Light and Life. Together with His church there, Michael and Lesley count it a privilege to serve Jesus in their locality, throughout West Cornwall and beyond, to all the places God has purposed for the praise of His glory and grace.  Michael and Lesley are blessed with two sons, Thomas and Joshua and a daughter Abigail. 


In May 2018, Michael was nominated to become a member of the National Leadership Team and in the first instance is undertaking a review of all we do in Conference.