Ordination of women

In line with the Apostle Paul's teaching in Ephesians Ch4 v7-16 we recognise that every Christian is called to serve/minister.  But to lead the Church, our Lord calls particular believers to shepherd the people, teach doctrine, administer the sacraments and keep order. Each person must be able to testify to such an inward call of the Holy Spirit.

We belive that God calls men and women, and they are characterised by both spiritual gifts and personal graces.  Gifts are special enduements of abilities.  Graces are special qualities of character.  Both have their source in the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.   

According to Genesis 1, God’s original plan was for men and women to rule together in harmony.  By their harmonious relationship they are to reflect the relationship of the Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We, in the Free Methodist Church, therefore believe it right to recognise what the Church perceives to be ministry anointed by God- whether this be in a male or female.

In the Free Methodist Church in the United Kingdom, at present, we have two women who are ordained ministers pastoring in churches.