Our Mission, Vision and Calling

Our Mission:

is to make known to all people everywhere God’s call to wholeness through forgiveness and holiness and to invite into membership and equip for ministry all who respond in faith.

Our Vision:

is to become “a healthy Biblical community, a holy people, multiplying disciples, leaders, groups and congregations".

Our Calling:

  • to reopen Wesleyan wells and rediscover living holiness
  • to reform the church; to spread scriptural holiness over the land
  • to revive, enforce and defend the pure apostolic doctrines and practices of the early church by -
  1. planting healthy Biblical congregations
  2. affiliating congregations who share our vision, values and calling
  3. serving the whole church irrespective of denomination or stream.

Essential Foundations:

We are committed to live in harmony with the Bible

We are committed to live in harmony with the Articles of Religion (our doctrines)

We are committed to live in harmony with the Membership Covenant

Pastors are committed to live in harmony with their ordination vows

Leaders are committed to lead the church in harmony with our mission.

Leadership initiatives:

Pastors and churches are free to strategise and minister in ways that build on the essential foundations and develop the profile of a healthy church.

A healthy church:

Worships in spirit and truth

Prays without ceasing

Constantly reaches the lost for Christ

Produces fully devoted disciples

Grows through multiplication

Ministers to the poor and disenfranchised

Engages in our world missionary movement

Organises around our mission.

 To access the FM Handbook with lots more information about the Movement, please click here.