A summary of the Free Methodist Church

  • The proclamation of the Wesleyan recovery of the New Testament message of the present power and cleansing of the Holy Spirit.
  • A firm attachment to the doctrines and practices of classical orthodoxy.  Wesley in his "Character of a Methodist" described a classical Christian, nothing more and nothing less.
  • A commitment to world-wide evangelism and a global network.
  • A connected network for mutual encouragement, sharing of gifts and mobilization for ministry.
  • A structure providing full participation, broad permissions and careful accountability.
  • An "earnest Christian ethos of responsible Christian living.
  • A commitment to the Church both universal and local as God's principal instrument for reaching a lost world.
  • A dedication to the apostolic mode, and a passion for the Great Commission enterprise of offering salvation in Christ to the world.
  • A Wesleyan reforming zeal to clean up our world by God's message and power and our servanthood.

Bishop Emeritus Gerald E Bates